The Pearl River United Methodist Church Youth Group is a safe place for teens to grow in fellowship and faith. All are welcome!  If you have any questions or would like to contact Alice, the Youth Leader, you can reach her by contacting the church office.

Safety for children is a high priority, so all of our volunteers have been screened with background checks as well as trained to make church a fun environment for your kids.

Vision: Our vision is a room filled with teens, seeking to learn more about themselves and God.

Mission: Empower our Youth to grapple with and grow in faith in order to be leaders among the church.

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Youth Mission Trip 2017, Heifer Farm, Rutland, MA - June 25-29

This summer the Youth participated in an "alternative break" at Heifer Farm, which is part of the Heifer International Program.  The alternative break focused on three core components. The first included a variety of experiential activities designed to increase the Youth's understanding of the global hunger and poverty issues that Heifer International encounters in the field. The second component was comprised of hands-on service projects around the farm including gardening, maintenance, and livestock chores. During the third component the Youth experienced the same activities Heifer International uses with their project partners in the field to help the Youth come together and develop a plan for taking social action when they return home. By experiencing these activities, the Youth gained a greater understanding of how Heifer’s development model produces lasting change in communities around the world and what they can do to stay involved.

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Youth Mission Trip 2016, NYC

The summer of 2016 the Youth served with the Center for Student Missions in New York City!  The Youth saw the city in a different way and completed some mission work closer to home that summer. If you're curious about how the trip affected the Youth, watch the video below.

Youth Mission Trip 2015, Washington DC

In the summer of 2015, the Youth served with YSOP in our nation's capital, Washington, DC.  During this week, the Youth learned about circumstances that often lead to homelessness.  They had the opportunity to serve in thrift stores, soup kitchens, and individual homes in the Washington, DC area.  We of course also took advantage of the plethora of sight seeing opportunities the city had to offer.  This week was a fantastic opportunity for the group to grow in their relationships with one another and their compassion for all of God's Children.

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Youth Mission Trip 2014, A Week of Hope in Newark, NY

During this 5-day trip, the Youth had an opportunity to meet others from around the eastern United States and live as Jesus did while serving the needs of the local community.  The Youth volunteered at local ministries and non-profits in the Newark area.  Some projects including cleaning out homes for seniors, organizing inventory at a local hospital, completing yard work for families in need, and even washing a few fire trucks!  The Youth returned from this trip with the goals of growing our group in number and faith.

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