Dear Church Family,

For 150 years, Pearl River UMC members have lovingly nurtured our church home, enabling us to have a place to gather, to worship, to support one another and to grow in our faith together.

Today, it is our responsibility to continue that tradition, to renew and enhance our sacred spaces of worship, to educate, welcome all, serve and witness to the world.

As stewards of our church home, we are entrusted with an abiding responsibility to use our talents, gifts, and energies in commitment to God and our congregation – and to make possible the mission of our church – to be rooted in grace, growing in faith and reaching out with God’s love.

In fulfilling our mission, we honor our past. From our original gathering space on Middletown Road to our current facility, PRUMC has been a steadfast beacon of service and mission to our local community. We give thanks for the great cloud of witnesses that have sown the seeds of God’s grace and love. In honoring our legacy, we are now called to build for future generations.

We are currently at a point where we need to address two major issues with our beloved church. First, the building must be made more accessible, by providing an improved entrance area off the main driveway. Second, the stability of the sanctuary must be addressed by reinforcing the structure.

The theme of our campaign is REACH: Renew, Enhance and Access our Church Home.

Why “Reach?” Firstly, it is a reminder of who will be able to REACH by making our building more accessible for all. Secondly, REACH implies a need to stretch a little further. We realize that any building campaign needs the commitment of the community, but we are confident that through the support and gifts of this faith community we will REACH our goal of providing a renewed, enhanced and accessible church home for the future generations to continue God’s work in this community. It’s our turn to be faithful stewards of our church home, so that future generations may continue to be rooted in grace, growing in faith and reaching out with God’s love.

With God’s love and blessings,

Rich RoseCyndi Stouffer

Church Council ChairPastor

Reach Team:


Amy Andrews | Bob Anschick

Chris Connor | Helen D'Agostino

Bill Gesner | Maria Halzack

Gwen Kendall | John Murphy

Sara Pafford | Rich Rose

Pastor Cyndi Stouffer | Steve Stouffer